Voldo (born -Month, Day, Year-) is a CAW professional wrestler, better known by his appearance in the Soulcalibur series

Professional Wrestling CareerEdit

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In wrestlingEdit

  • Finishing moves:
  • Great Gear of Madness (Bridging Inverted Huracanrana)
  • Signature Moves:
  • Blind Drop (Cartwheel dropped into a Backflip Kick)
  • Rat Kick (Rope-aided front dropkick)
  • Scorpion's Tail (Mule kick)
  • Catacomb Throw (Inverted Lou Thesz Press)
  • Sadistic Cross (Rear bodyscissors, followed by multiple punches to a standing opponent)
  • Fool's Inquest (Stretch Muffler, dropeed into a Over the shoulder Leg Whip)
  • Bush Whacker (Tilt-a-whirl Modified Crossbody) [knees land on opponent]
  • Single Flap (Front Dropkick)
  • Faceless Macabre (Right back elbow, followed by turning around into a left upward back elbow, ended with a right body blow)
  • Faceless Flap (While facing away from the opponent, Voldo bends over and throat thrusts with both hands between his legs to strike the opp's shin, followed by a standing moounsault splash)
  • Hell Scarecrow Spin (Right Overhead chop, followed by a left inward knife-edge chop, ended by a lunging left backhand chop)
  • Jolly Jumping Kick (High knee)
  • Side Kick (Jumping Enzuigiri)


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