-Full Real Name- (born -Month, Day, Year-) is a CAW professional wrestler, better known by her ring name Jaja Uma Narashi (高い踵 in Japan)." She is known for having long fingernails and wearing hard, high heels.

Queen The Sexy Lady (independent circuit - prior to joining WWE) - 1999"
Takai Kakato
Names Takai Kakato

Queen The Sexy Lady (independent circuit - prior to joining WWE) - 1999

Creator Olof Solberg
Height N/A
Weight N/A
Born  ?
Birthplace  ?
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Resides  ?
Billed from  ?
Trained by Noruga-shige (Mostly self-trained)
Debut 1999
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Professional Wrestling CareerEdit

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In wrestlingEdit

  • Finishing moves:
  • Signature Moves:
  • Diving Big boot
  • Slingshot dropkick
  • Stomp submission to opponent's groin
  • Diving or standing somersault Lou thesz press, sometimes followed by a standing bronco buster
  • Diving Hip Splash
  • Side kick-style stomp
  • Queen Bomb (Sitout Powerbomb) - adopted from Batista
  • Inverted stomp facebreaker, sometimes from the top rope
  • 69 / Heabutt Hip Drop (USA / Europe) / Zutsuki Hippudoroppu / 頭突き・ヒップドロップ (JP) (Kneeling Hip Drop to an opponent's head, at the same time hits a kneeling headbutt drop to the opponent's groin, or midsection)
  • Korean no Mai / コレアンの舞
  • Stand & Carry (Bearhug, with bodyscissors)
  • Intersextion (USA) ()
  • Riding Astride (USA) ()
  • Mirror of Pleasure (USA) ()
  • Pirate's Bounty (USA) ()
  • ? (Knee strike to groin, followed by grabbing both sides of the opponent's head and kissing the opponent, then does a double-leg takedown, followed by lifting both the opponent's legs and spreads them apart, and performs a jumping double foot stomp to the opponent's groin)
  • Snake Charmer (USA) (Tombstone Piledriver held vertical for extra pressure)
  • Suplex (USA) (Holds opponent in Slingshot Catapult as she performs multiple headbutts to the opponent's groin)
  • Ear Muffs (USA) (Neckscissors)
  • Riding the South Face (USA) (Kneeling low-angle inverted stink face to a supine opponent)
  • Riding the South Face (USA) (Kneeling low-angle stink face to a supine opponent)
  • Scarf (USA) (Jumps on opponent's shoulders and wraps legs around opponent's neck, and drops backwards into a submission)
  • Under the Cuckoo's Nest (USA) (Inverted Stink face to an opponent seated against the bottom turnbuckle)
  • Under the Sink (USA) (The opponent is draped horizontally [supine] over the top turnbuckle or middle turnbuckle. Takai Kakato straddles the middle ring ropes, followed by either swaying her hips left and right, or being held into a submission)
  • Rear Entry (USA) / River of the Toothless Fish (EU) (Amateur-style back riding position with pelvic thrusts)
  • While standing on the corner bottom ropes she performs either a Stink face or repeated hip thrusts to the groin of an opponent trapped in the tree of woe)
  • Common Moves
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