The referee rings the bell. Soulmetal holds out his hand, offering Shik to shake it. Shik slaps Soulmetal's hand away. Soulmetal hits Shik with a modified heel kick. Shik grabs Soulmetal by the neck and lifts him up, Soulmetal right knees Shik in the gut, and steps on Shik's extended right knee with his left foot and executes a shining wizard knocking Shik to the ground, Soulmetal backs away swiftly, and executes a "Rope Rebound Shining Wizard". Afterwards, Shik grabs the back of Soulmetal's right foot from behind, and trips him. Shik sits on Soulmetal's back and executes a Camel Clutch. Soulmetal punches Shik in the forehead and reverses the hold by executing an Arm Drag into an armlock. Shik throws his arm away, getting out of the hold. Soulmetal kicks Shik in the gut and wraps his near arm around the waist of Shik with a single-arm gutwrench (as in a ranhei), with Soulmetal standing side-to-side and slightly behind with Shik facing in the same direction. Soulmetal then quickly performs a forward flip whilst sweeping the opponent's leg, thereby dropping Shik on his back, where Shik is laying supine on his back, Soulmetal, still holding the sweeped leg with his own leg, he follows in with a leg lock. Shik grabs the ropes. Soulmetal releases the hold. Shik then puts Soulmetal in a front facelock and attempts a vertical suplex but Soulmetal counters with a Modified Victory Roll, getting a 2-Count. When both wrestler get back up to their feet, Soulmetal attempts a Spinning Crescent Kick with his right leg but Shik catches it before impact, then Soulmetal quickly performs a high-speed roundhouse kick to Shik's face using his left leg. While Shik is lying on the mat (on his back), Soulmetal stands next to his right arm, and attempts to Cover Shik. but Shik grabs both of Soulmetal's ankles and executes a double leg takedown and knee strikes Soulmetal in the groin twice. Soulmetal rolls backwards, landing on his feet. Shik lunges towards Soulmetal, attempting a spear, but Souulmetal counters with a monkey flip. Soulmetal performs Taunt: Transformation. Once Shik gets up Soulmetal kicks Shik in the gut and executes his Jumping High-impact Stunner. Then Shik quickly gets up and attempts to perform a Chokeslam Backbreaker, by grasping Soulmetal in the neck and lifting him up, then soulmetal knees Shik in the gut, then, does Spirit Take Over and pins Shik for a 3-Count.