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The CAW Wrestling Wiki is a wiki on CAWs in WWE SVR games. It is based on the Official CAW Wiki, but is fully open to any CAWs, and is more lenient and less strict than the official CAW wiki. If you want to start a page on a CAW, I suggest looking at the page: John Soulmetal first. It would help you in creating the page. Also, if you're creating a CAW's Finishing & Signature moves, and you gave him a move in a game and aren't sure what it is, just but the name of it and what game it was in in brackets, ie; {Mysterious Chop from WWE SVR 2006}, or just message me and I will find out what it technically is. --Aeris97 12:23, November 17, 2009 (UTC)


  • New Section! - "Records". Record your record(s) from any Ironman match into your CAW's article. Just add a section between the "Entrance themes" section of the article and the "Trivia" section of the article. Or check the Example CAW for more info. - July 2, 2011. Aeris97.
  • Wrestling moves have been updated.


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