Cervantes de León (born January 1, 1536) is a CAW professional wrestler, better known by -his/her- ring name -Main Ring Name-. -Real Last Name- is currently wrestling under the "-SmackDown/Raw! (You CAN have your CAW wrestle in the WWE Brand ECW in his/her past, but do not put it as their current brand)-."

The Dread Pirate" Soul"
Cervantes de León
Names Cervantes

The Dread Pirate

Creator Aeris97


Height 5' 10"
Weight 176 lbs.
Born Valencia, Spain
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Trained by None
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Professional Wrestling CareerEdit

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In wrestlingEdit

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  • Signature Moves:

Dread Wave (Discus Backhand chop block) Anchor Kick (Roundhouse Kick) Anchor Gusty Kick ( Head Snap Kick (Jumping Spinning sole kick Anchor Marooned Kick (steps forward spins around while crouching down into a spinning legsweep Anchor Bow Kick (Crouching low-angle roundhouse kick) Anchor Middle Kick" (Back kick) Anchor Steep Kick (Wheel kick, followed by lifting the knee of his other leg before planting his leg back on the ground into a back kick) Anchor Knee Kick (Knee strike) Galleon Sinker / Sink of Galleon (Japan) (Spinning wheel kick) Head Scratch Kick (Shuffle Axe kick into a hook kick) Pirate's Scheme - Enzuigiri (Rope-aided enzuigiri) Pirate's Scheme - Flipkick (Backflip kick, hitting with both legs, each after the other, and then lands in a standing position, rather than landing in a prone position, sometimes rop-aided) Anchor Bow Heel" (Discus Axe kick transitioned into a high-impact stomp) Anchor Whirlpool (Modified Spinning legsweep Full Sail Hoist (Cross chop) Devastator (Discus high-impact upward backhand chop) Anchor Revive Kick (Modified reverse roundhouse kick) Soul Wipe Riptide / Soul Wave Surf (Japan) (Jumping discus cross chop) Cannon Launch Kick / Cannon Jump Kick (Japan) (Jumping back kick) Deck Dread Wave / Floor Soul Wave (Japan) (Jumping Discus Backhand chop block) Sadistic Archmage (Backhand chop with right hand, followed by an inward knife-edge chop with the other hand) Wave Flutter (Leaping baseball slide)

  • Common Moves
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  • -Wrestling move- {-Name of move in WWE SVR games-}
  • -Wrestling move- {-Name of move in WWE SVR games-}


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